Kitty Moo Young

Kitti is a SDI and PADI certified instructor who began diving when her children signed her up for a scuba class over 25 years ago. Kitti has been teaching since 1999 ; starting her teaching career in the cold quarries in Indiana and Ohio specializing in middle school and high school classes. She worked directly certifying many of the Fishers and Carmel Indiana Fire and Rescue divers. Kitti teaches mostly private, semi-private & small classes plus classes for those needing an immediate customized class. Kitti is certified to teach all levels of PADI Classes up to Dive Master,and many specialty classes including Nitrox. Her favorite places for check out dives are Blue Heron Bridge beach dive where you will encounter juvenile tropicals, seahorses, octopus, lobster, batfish, frogfish, fly gurnards, grouper, Atlantic spades and crustaceans in West Palm.  Her second choice is crystal clear waters of Rainbow River in central Florida where you can see turtles, gars, an under water bird such as an Anhinga or a Cormorant, an Otter, a Catfish, a huge spring, a little sand boil, a Cavern, a Large Mouth Bass, or just drift along leisurely. She also enjoys the relaxing dives off of Venice Beach Florida where you are guaranteed to find hundreds of fossilized shark teeth from thousands of years ago.  She has done private certifications in the Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands. She has been to most of the ship wrecks along the east coast of Florida.  She also enjoys live-aboards throughout the clear warm Caribbean as you can do morning, noon and night dives every day and never have to lug your gear but a few steps on and off the boat for a week.

She and her husband dive extensively in Jamaica where they own a home.  Customized trips to South Florida (beach dives, wrecks, collecting fossilized shark teeth, or local springs with crystal clear visibility) or island destinations can also be arranged for both checkout dives or additional guided diving.  You will be impressed with her patience, compassion and passion for diving.  Don’t under estimate her petite 5’ 1” 105 lbs size as she has certified many students that were intimidated by prior demanding instructors.   Many husbands have not been able to convince their wives to dive but after a few sessions in the pool with Kitti, they are now certified divers!
Facebook page is Let’s Go Diving