Bill Foote

My name is Bill Foote.  I am the owner of Ocala Dive.  I began diving 50 years ago and have logged over 4000 dives.  I have certified over 2000 students since I started Ocala Dive in 1991.  I am an instructor with NAUI, TDI, SDI and ERDI.  I have previously been an instructor with NASE, PSA, NSS-CDS and IANDT. I have logged over 500 dives internationally.  I have made numerous dives to depths over 200 feet in caves and wrecks.  I have been on the board of Directors for the NSS-CDS.  I have been involved in scuba diving film and television projects which have aired on national television networks.  I have certified major TV personalities.  I have had photographs published in nationally circulated magazines.  I have provided specialized training for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office Dive Recovery Team.  I have been involved in mapping all the major cave systems in our area and have logged numerous dives in every known cave in North Florida.  I have an easygoing teaching style that makes everyone feel comfortable and relaxed.  My experience provides the best qualification in the area to teach you and your family to scuba dive at any level of instruction.  I am certain that you will receive an overwhelming recommendation from anyone in our area whom I have scuba certified.