Courses and Descriptions

Ocala Dive offers a variety of recreational scuba instruction from Basic Scuba Diver to Master Diver. Ocala Dive also offers more advanced courses in technical diving and leadership training including mixed gas diving, cave diving, dive master and instructor certifications. We are affiliated with four training agencies including: NAUI, NASE, PSA and PADI. Please come in and ask for detailed information for the level of instruction that fits your schedule.

These are the certifications offered on a regular basis. Pricing on our courses is a combined amount for course tuition, academic materials,  personal equipment and site fees.  We teach a number of other certifications upon request. Please call us for all your training needs.

  • $NAUI or NASE basic scuba certification

    Regular monthly schedule, 2 Monday evening classroom sessions from 6pm to 8pm, 2 Wednesday pool sessions from 6pm to 10pm, and 2 Sunday open water dive days. Prior online academic work required. Limited to 8 students.

  • $PADI Basic Scuba weekend class

    Usually offered in the summer months with 4 -6 students.  Scheduled for 2 weekends all day Saturday and Sunday. Prior online academic work required

  • $NAUI or PADI basic scuba certification (Private schedule)

    Subject to instructor availability with prior online academic work required.

    3 person private schedule at $250 each.

    2 person private schedule at $300 each.

    1 person private schedule at $350.

  • $NAUI advance scuba certification

    Scheduled over 1 weekend with ocean diving in Jupiter or West Palm.  Prior online academic work required. Some diving may be done locally.

  • $NAUI Nitrox

    Scheduled with one evening class with some prior online academic work required.  Two checkout dives.

  • $NASE or PSA Cavern Certification

    Scheduled with one evening class from 6pm to 10pm and 1 to 2 days diving.

    Private scheduling available starting at $500.

    Schedule with 2 to 4 students $250.

    Limited to 4 students.

Prices listed are for the course tuition. Student registration, instructional materials, site and equipment fees are not included.